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Security Solutions

Integrated Security and Life Safety Solutions

Prime Logic provides fully integrated security and life safety solutions for all commercial applications. From small businesses to large office buildings, hospitals, college campuses, retail, research & development and government work,  Prime Logic will deliver a comprehensive solution designed to meet the needs of your business today, as well as grow with your business into tomorrow.
Prime Logic continually strives to deliver superior products and services to our valued customers. Our integrated systems enable you to build a platform specifically tailored to the needs of your business. Each project is supported by our team of dedicated employees.

Access Control

Electronic access control is quickly becoming a a necessity for many industries. access control systems go far beyond just unlocking doors. They add the ability to control employee access, remove credentials quickly, monitor traffic flow, and security lockdowns when a security issue arises. 

Our systems are among the most advanced in the industry. They are able to integrate into multiple third-party systems. 

Standard Access Control Features

  • Remote lock/unlock

  • Credential control

  • Threat management

  • User activity reporting

  • Event notifications

  • Inter-system integration

  • CCTV integration

Intrusion Detection

Our intrusion detection systems are designed to protect your people, property and assets. Our systems are designed to both prevent unauthorized access and establish immediate notification if a breach does occur.

Intrusion Detection Features

  • Site survey & needs assessment

  • Design layout

  • Installation and implementation

  • Customer training

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a key component in any business' security plan. Video surveillance can be installed to both deter illegal activity and identify illegal activity. 

By implementing a state-of-the-art surveillance system you will be better able to monitor and respond to situations as they arrive. The ability to review security footage can greatly assist authorities when it comes to indicting and convicting anyone committing illegal activity on your property. 

However, simply having video surveillance is not enough. The system must be designed to capture video from locations and angles that allow for easy identification of individuals. Prime Logic will help design a system that will assist in each of these areas. 

Video Surveillance Features:

  • Deter criminal activity

  • Improved insurance rates

  • Gather Evidence

  • Lower overhead for security personnel

  • Monitor scenarios and activities

  • Eliminate unauthorized intruders

  • Remotely view your facility

  • Protect property

Complete System Integration

One of the keys to making any security solution work well is integration. By integrating multiple systems together you will be better able to identify and respond to situations as they arise.

Prime Logic can integrate nearly every system we install to communicate with each other and provide a central hub for information. We often will integrate: intercom, access control, cctv, duress buttons, fire alarms, and gate controls into a single touch-controlled system. This allows a single operator to have a complete view of everything going on in the facility. 

Integration Features:

  • Consolidates information from multiple systems

  • Simplifies reporting

  • Improves response time

  • Reduces false alarms

  • Lower personnel overhead

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