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Life Safety

Life Safety Systems

The most vital system a business can have are life-safety related. Fire, Mass Notification, Nurse Call and Emergency Evacuation are among the most essential to your business. Along with saving lives in emergency situations, they will also reduce a company's liability when such situations arise. 
We tailor our system to best fit your needs. A good Life Safety system must have three key criteria: It must be reliable, scalable and flexible.  With a complete line of Fire and Life Safety products, Prime Logic installs well-tested solutions built with the highest quality standards.

Fire Alarms

Life safety solutions are protecting the lives and livelihoods of people who make your business run. As a certified installer for many major brands such as Edwards, Honeywell and Silent Knight, we are highly qualified and experienced to handle any fire alarm install. 

We work hand-in-hand with customers to design a system that perfectly fits their needs. 

Nurse Call

As with fire alarms, nurse call systems are required by code in most medical treatment facilities and are important to the safety of patients and those in dependent care. 

We can assess the needs of current and new facilities and design a system that will help care providers quickly locate and respond to emergency situations. 

Mass Notification

In an emergency quick, distributed communication is key to saving lives and bringing any situation under control. Mass notification systems allow automated voice notifications and live announcements to be distributed throughout your facility or campus.

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