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Structured Cabling

Nearly every aspect of businesses today require network and internet connectivity. Companies require a reliable cabling infrastructure for their business to operate well. Prime Logic has many years of experience in structured wiring. We work with our customers to build a  properly-designed, fully certified infrastructure that will minimize expensive downtime.

We are certified by many leading cable manufactures so we can verify our systems are installed as recommended in order to ensure they function as designed. Our infrastructure certification is second to none.

We use the leading certification tools which have the ability to detect even the slightest variance from cabling standards. Because we are certified installers we are able to offer a 25 year warranty on many of our structured wiring builds.

Sound Masking

Businesses are becoming more aware of privacy concerns recently. HIPPA regulations have introduced new requirements that require sound masking in many situations. Sound masking systems help limit conversations from being overheard in adjoining areas.

Prime Logic designs Sound Masking Systems with hidden speakers that create zones of privacy. By matching the frequency of human speech we greatly impede the ability for people to overhear conversations across the room. When installed correctly, users are usually unaware that sound masking is even installed.


Audio and Video in a business setting can help convey your message. From properly reinforced audio to make your meeting, both small or large, more understandable, to video projection to demonstrate a product or display a slideshow. Business of all types can benefit by technologically advanced solution. 

Prime Logic's wide variety of audio and video solutions can be combined to create a highly personalized system.

Intercom and Paging

Whether paging in a school, manufacturing plant, school or sporting event; a properly designed and well-implemented mass notification system is vital to keeping individuals safe and informed. Proper design is crucial in order to get a system that is fully intelligible throughout the desired coverage area.


We work with industry leading manufacturers to bring you the very best in business telephone systems. Whether you prefer traditional digital systems, cutting-edge VOIP or a hybrid of the two; we are able to help design and implement a system the will fit your needs for years to come.

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